Georg a young man lost his father. To find him again, he dives into the strange but fair and beautiful world of an old fishermen's tale.


Georg is, like every summer, with his brother and father fishing on the lake where his father lives close by. Every year he has to participate in this family tradition even though he is very afraid of deep water.

Both Georg and his brother hate fishing, because they find it boring, but they do it for their father who has lost his wife several years ago.

This year their trip is like always; their father tells them the same old legend about the lake as he does every year.
Suddenly he is pulled into the water after a large fish bites and does not reappear. Georg's brother jumps after him, but also does not resurface, leaving Georg alone on the boat.

When he realizes that something must have happened to both he gets over his phobia of deep water and jumps in after them.

Inside the lake he finds himself in a world upside down beyond the surface, where he is confronted with his deepest fears…